NFL Wild Card Power Rankings — under the Spread (2021)

The NFL’s regular season is finished, and the search for the Lombardi Trophy really starts. Having a rich Wild Card Weekend, including six matches for the very first time, there’s guaranteed to be lots of gambling happening. As a result of this, we believed it’d be wonderful to produce the power positions seem somewhat different today. As opposed to standing the Chiefs at a single and Washington in 14, we determined we would rank every one of those 14 playoff teams according to how they fared against the spread from the normal season. We’ll also be set every group’s best performance ATS along with the sport which was so near having an ATS win but finished as a tragic loss.

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14) Cleveland Browns (ATS Record: 6-10)

The Cleveland Browns have been in the playoffs for first time since 2002, and whether they won 11 matches this year, covering the spread wasn’t something that they did regularly. Actually, Cleveland failed to cover the spread in one match against an AFC North foe this year. And who can they buy from the Wild Card round? Even the Pittsburgh Steelers, an AFC North opponent. Nobody would assert that Kevin Stefanski has not done a excellent job on this group, however, the Browns could be the funniest item to steer clear of this postseason in the gambling perspective. The only group with a much worse ATS list compared to the Browns this year: the Dallas Cowboys.

Greatest ATS triumph: 20-6 win over the Giants (-6)

Worst Conquer: 47-42 reduction to Ravens (+3)

13) Tennessee Titans (ATS Record: 7-9)

In case you have been gambling overs if the Titans choose the area, then you’re thrilled. The complete went in 12 of those Titans’ 16 matches this year, the most of any team in the postseason. But, their ATS album leaves a good deal longer to be wanted. The Titans finished the year two matches under .500 ATS, and if they failed to pay, they generally were not very near. They had been preferred in 11 matches this year but just covered the spread in each of the contests. When there’s 1 little positivity, it is that they have been 3-2 if underdogs. This weekend, they’re home underdogs from the Ravens.

Greatest ATS Grow: 42-16 win over the Bills (+3)

Worst Conquer: 33-30 win over Jaguars (-7)

12) Kansas City Chiefs (ATS Record: 7-9)

There are not many men and women who’d assert that the Chiefs are not the best group in the whole NFL. But, they were one of the worst groups ATS this year. A great deal of this has to do with the simple fact they were preferred at 14 of the 16 games, which means that winning was not sufficient for them. They moved as double-digit favorites twice that year, however they simply covered the spread in 2 of the contests. They lost to the Raiders if they had been preferred by 11. Many bettors may recall their ATS loss to the Bucs, believing they had been in complete control from begin to finish and held a 17-0 lead at the same point. The Chiefs will be the favorites to win the Super Bowl, but their crime hasn’t pulled away from groups such as it had been doing a year ago. In case the people is around Kansas City, then bear in mind they’ve been wrong a bit this past year.

Greatest ATS Grow: 35-9 win on the Jets (-20)

Worst Conquer: 27-24 win over the Buccaneers (-3.5)

11) Chicago Bears (ATS Record: 8-8)

The Bears are tied with Washington to its fewest matches preferred of some of those 14 playoff clubs. Chicago discovered themselves preferred in only 3 competitions all year, and they just covered a few of these spreads. Meaning that of those 13 games where they have been underdogs, they insured seven days. Many would say that is very great, but that really is a group who produced the playoffsand that they’re playing from the best of their very best, they are not likely to be little underdogs against groups they could compete . Rather, they are likely to be enormous underdogs against groups which should wallop them. Of those 13 games where they have been underdogs, they had been just formerly underdogs by over 1 score. In that match, they lost to the Packers 41-25. They’re nearing double-digit underdog land from the Saints this weekend.

Greatest ATS Grow: 36-7 win over the Texans (+1)

Worst Beat: 34-30 loss to the Lions (-3)

10) Seattle Seahawks (ATS Record: 8-8)

The Seahawks started the year 4-0 ATS, however they cooled down the stretch and also coated in only four of the final 12 games of this year. Seattle’s year is littered with poor beats, if it be blowing off a lead on the Cardinals when preferred by 3.5 or beating Washington by only five if they have been dominating the whole match and preferred by six. The reality isthe fact that Seattle has only been unbelievably undependable because Russell Wilson has chilled, and it’s challenging to anticipate them ATS when facing the top teams from the NFL. The Seahawks would be carrying on the Rams the weekend, and they moved 1-1 SU and ATS from this year. 

Greatest ATS Grow: 40-3 win over the Jets (-16.5)

Worst Conquer: 37-34 loss to the Cardinals (-3.5)

9) Washington Football Team (ATS Record: 8-7-1)

As stated before, Washington was preferred in three matches all season. They ended only 1-2 ATS in these games, however they will not need to be worried about being preferred in one game this postseason, barring an extremely considerable harm. Washington did perform down the stretch, and it resulted in them covering and winning five of the final seven matches. That is very important in the gaming perspective, and it usually means that Vegas has not really figured out Washington together with Alex Smith under center. While they are more than touchdown underdogs into the Bucs at the Wild Card round, it could be well worth having a peek at the complete in that match. Washington struck 11 unders this year, the second-most of almost any group in the postseason.

Greatest ATS Grow: 23-17 win over Pittsburgh (+5.5)

Worst Conquer: 20-14 win over the Eagles (-6.5)

8) Indianapolis Colts (ATS Record: 8-8)

Incredibly the Colts were preferred in each and every game this year, except 1. Owing to that, in every one of the losses, they failed to cover the spread. The Colts were somewhat of an enigma to Vegas and bettors, along with their own 8-8 ATS record just further illustrates that. Regardless of being 11-5 and preferred in 15 matches, they have been just favored by a touchdown or even more times annually. They didn’t cover one of these spreads. They had seven matchups against playoff teams this year and ended by ATS and SU recordings of 3-4. The Colts will locate themselves large underdogs from the Bills on Wild Card Weekend, a place they have yet to be at one time this year.

Greatest ATS Grow: 41-21 win over the Lions (-3.5)

Worst Beat: 28-24 loss to the Steelers (-1)

7) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (ATS Record: 9-7)

The Bucs have coated in five of the past seven matches, but if they do not insure, they actually miss the mark. Of the matches they have lost ATS, they have missed the amount by a touchdown or even more days. This comes with a 38-3 loss to the Saints if they were really favored by three factors. Tom Brady and the crime look like They’ve found a rhythm, however, using Mike Evans daily, Brady Might Need to rely upon Chris Godwin and Antonio Brown from the first round of the match. The Bucs also did a great deal of the ATS winning against teams below .500. Of those nine wins, seven of them came from teams using .500 or worse documents. Fortunately for them, their first-round competition is merely 7-9.

Greatest ATS Grow: 38-10 win over the Packers (+3)

Worst Conquer: 38-31 win over the Chargers (-7.5)

6 ) ) Los Angeles Rams (ATS Record: 9-7)

The Rams were among their most inconsistent teams in the league that year, and also their ATS album just further proves there. But they are rated above the Buccaneers because of their achievement ATS in matches against groups of a high-caliber. Although LA did shed outright into the Jets as 17.5-point favorites, so they will not have the ability to play to contest from the playoffs since all of the competition is great. They played six matches against playoff teams that year, plus they covered the spread in a number of the contests. They also covered two against the Cardinals, the group which was the very first left from the NFC playoffs. Obviously, lots of their achievement this postseason will ride on their group’s wellbeing, however, the Rams are up to this challenge when choosing the very best of the very best. If you are seeking to play with clips, then the Rams had 12 of the 16 games move beneath this year, the most of any team in the postseason.

Greatest ATS Grow: 30-10 triumph over Washington (-7)

Worst Beat: 35-32 loss to the Bills (+1.5)

5) New Orleans Saints (ATS Record: 9-7)

The Saints just covered in 2 of the first seven matches, however they caught fire in the second half of their year to fight back into 9-7 ATS. They coated in seven of the past nine matches, and it appears that Vegas overestimated the Saints together with Drew Brees underneath centre, when he got hurt they suppressed the Saint together with Taysom Hill in QB. The simple fact isthat the New Orleans will pay according to how their defense performs over their crime. Throughout a five-game ATS win chain across the midpoint of this year, the defense gave up 48 points within the span of the five months. That is under 10 points a game, an wonderful accomplishment for any group in the modern NFL. They are now enormous favorites over the Bears, however they’ve covered another twice this year where they had been preferred by eight or longer. New Orleans is among the few clubs this year that actually does not have some bad beats.

Greatest ATS Grow: 38-3 win over Buccaneers (+3)

Worst Conquer: 26-23 win over the Bears (-5.5)

4) Pittsburgh Steelers (ATS Record: 10-6)

The Steelers finished the season 13-3 and 10-6 ATS, however they do not feel as dependable as their documents indicate. While they got off to a startthey cooled substantially in the second half of this year and coated in two of the final six matches. That means that they began 8-2 ATS, therefore just how much you anticipate them actually comes down to the old mantra of”what have you done for me lately?” While their past six matches ATS are somewhat suspicious, they did pay within their final two matches of this season, such as contrary to the Browns in Week 17 with no Ben Roethlisberger and several other important players. This was the next time that they coated contrary to the Browns this year, and they’ll look to finish a season sweep of Cleveland per week at the Wild Card round.

Greatest ATS Grow: 36-10 win over the Bengals (-6.5)

Worst Conquer: 26-21 win over the Broncos (-6)

3) Green Bay Packers (ATS Record: 10-6)

The Packers started the season 5-1 ATS, subsequently chilled to only .500 for the remainder of the year. A great deal of this has to do with the simple fact they were preferred at 13 of the 16 games. They covered two of their three matches in which they have been underdogs, and the only loss was a 34-31 loss to the Colts, a match that many think the Packers must have won. In addition, it is worth noting that although the Packers are only 3-3 ATS when favored by seven or even more, they really could have quite easily been 5-1 in these matches. Thus, don’t always be afraid of large spreads comprising Green Bay since while tendencies point to them neglecting to pay, two of the losses were awful beats from the Panthers and the Lions. They played games including playoff teams, and they covered four of those six matches, such as from the Saints.

Greatest ATS Grow: 40-14 win over the Titans (-3)

Worst Beat: 34-31 loss to the Colts (+1.5)

two ) Baltimore Ravens (ATS Record: 10-5-1)

Apart from the Bills, the Ravens would be the most popular team ATS heading to the playoffs. They have covered in every one of the previous six matches, breaking them from a under .500 ATS funk. The hopes for Baltimore heading to the season proved just too significant. They had been also the number one seed from the AFC last year, plus they had the MVP of this league returning under centre. Owing to that, they discovered themselves preferred by astronomical amounts early in this season. In the first seven matches, the Ravens were just preferred by less than 1 touchdown two times, against the Chiefs and the Steelers, the amount three and one seeds in the AFC. But once the lines began to figure out, the Ravens began to get hot, and that’s probably why they discover themselves preferred across the Titans heading to Wild Card Weekend. If you’re trying to find a low-seed to anticipate ATS, the Ravens would be the group.

Greatest ATS Grow: 38-3 win over the Bengals (-13.5)

Worst Conquer: 31-17 win over Washington (-14.5)

1) Buffalo Bills (ATS Document:11-5)

This renders the Buffalo Bills as the very best group ATS in this year’s NFL playoffs. After beginning the season only 3-5 ATS, the Greens have rattled off eight consecutive ATS successes to cooperate with winning eight of their past 10 games. To locate the last time the Greens did not cover, you need to move all of the way back to November 1 if they conquered the Patriots 24-21 because four-point favorites. The Bills were subjected when they had been blown out from the Titans and fought mightily from the Chiefs at the first portion of the year, however they rebounded beautifully and look just like the Chiefs’ true rival from the AFC. If you want to wager levels, then the Greens are a terrific group to get behind too. 11 of the 16 matches this year went the second-most of almost any group from the playoffs. 

Greatest ATS Grow: 56-26 triumph over the Dolphins in +3.5

Worst Conquer: 18-10 win over the Jets at -9.5

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