Week 14 NFL Power Rankings (2020)

Before Week 13an NFC East team hadn’t beaten one group with a winning album from out of their division. But that changed, since the Giants withdrew the Seahawks and the Washington Football Team given the Pittsburgh Steelers their first loss of the year.

Possibly the worst division in football background, the NFC East currently contains two 5-7 clubs which are only 1 game from a Wild Card spot. That’s correct — that the NFC East could feasibly fasten two playoff places in case Washington and the Giants play soccer throughout the last four months of this year. It might have seemed impossible only a couple weeks ago, but heyit is 2020.

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32) New York Jets (Prev: 32)

Of those 12 losses that the Jets have endured this year, none has been more debilitating than Sunday’s last-second reduction to the Raiders. Las Vegas scored using only five minutes remaining to take the direct, along with the Jets are currently 0-12 using four tough games remaining on their agenda. Sunday showcased their very best performance of the season , therefore there might be some expectation, but considering the program, it is tough to see in which their triumph will come out.

31) Jacksonville Jaguars (Prev: 31)

The Jaguars dropped their 11th-straight match, now an overtime loss to the Vikings. Jacksonville has looked great in their previous two games with Mike Glennon in the helm, however they’ve dropped just short in the two competitions and sit 1-11 on the season. Glennon ended with 280 yards and a touchdown, but he also threw two interceptions, including one which resulted in this game-winning field goal in overtime.

30) Cincinnati Bengals (Prev: 30)

Once more, the Bengals’ offense seemed absolutely impossible without Joe Burrow. They dropped to the Dolphins 19-7 on Sunday and just handled 196 yards of total offense. Brandon Allen threw for 153 yards, 1 touchdown, and one interception in his second start of the year, however he left the game soon after being hurt on a sofa. In general, the offensive line gave up six sacks.

29) Los Angeles Chargers (Prev: 28)

The Chargers dropped their fifth game in six attempts since the New England Patriots withdrew out them 45-0. What was the most demanding game of this year, the Chargers’ offensive amounts really were not all that far worse compared to the Patriots’. They had been outgained 291-258, however they did turn the ball over two and allow the Patriots to evaluate defensive and a punt return touchdown. Justin Herbert was the worst start of his rookie effort, completing 26-53 for 209 yards and 2 interceptions.

28) Dallas Cowboys (Prev: 29)

The Cowboys confront Baltimore on Tuesday night and certainly should find a way to win if they need any opportunity to win the NFC East. Together with the Giants spat off Seattle and the Soccer Team beating the Steelers, a reduction to the Ravens would probably spell the end of the Cowboys’ already unsatisfactory year.

27) Philadelphia Eagles (Prev: 27)

Carson Wentz was eventually benched for Jalen Hurts, along with the Eagles dropped their fourth consecutive game to fall into 3-8-1 on this season. They now track the Giants and Washington with a game and a half an hour, and also their crime playing as horribly as it’s, it is difficult to envision Philadelphia creating the earth required to acquire the NFC East. In assistance of Wentz, Hurts threw for 109 yards, 1 touchdown, and one interception.

26) Atlanta Falcons (Prev: 20)

Transferring the Falcons down six areas following a one-possession reduction to the Saints might appear unjust, but with virtually every group in their routine winning last weekend, it just makes sense to shed them. They set up a valiant attempt against the best seed from the NFC, but with all the reduction, they’re ensured another year at or under .500.

25) Denver Broncos (Prev: 22)

The Broncos implemented their gameplan around and they might have anticipated on Sunday night, and nevertheless they fell to the Chiefs 22-16. They rushed for 179 yards as a group, which enabled one to keep the ball from Patrick Mahomes’ hands for the majority of the match. But, two costly turnovers were the Chiefs had to secure the success and proceed Denver into the verge of playoff removal.

24) Chicago Bears (Prev: 19)

Following their fall from the Lions on Sunday, the Bears have lost six consecutive games after starting the season 5-1. Chicago led by 10 with only minutes remaining, however a 96-yard touchdown drive — and a more pricey Mitchell Trubisky turnover — finally did them , diminishing them into 5-7. David Montgomery had his very best game of this year, running for 72 yards and 2 touchdowns in the reduction.

23) Houston Texans (Prev: 24)

Deshaun Watson’s fumble with only minutes remaining all but finished the Texans’ 2020 effort. For anybody looking forward of 2021, there are invariably several teams who are undervalued at the futures market due to the group’s performance from the preceding season. The Texans might be a group using a low win-total line going into the offseason, however they have been quite competitive this year and have just improved as the season has improved. Now, it is going to be about maintaining the crucial pieces with each other, and this may be a surprise team .

22)  Carolina Panthers (Prev: 21)

The Panthers were away this past week, and nothing much altered to these, since they are probably from the playoff picture. If they can remain healthy because of their final four matches of this season, maybe they can get to .500 and make matters interesting, but with all the injuries they’ve had this year, that’s a huge if.

21) Detroit Lions (Prev: 26)

In their first match after shooting Matt Patricia and Bob Quinn, the Lions turned into their 2020 season narrative on its head by pulling a double comeback against Chicago on Sunday. The Lions was famous for blowing off double-digit leads beneath Patricia, however they demonstrated fight to the end from the Bears, and somehow wind up in 5-7 and only 1 game from their NFC playoff race. Their program is extremely hard moving ahead, along with their defense can not stop the rush, however when Matthew Stafford can perform as he did against the Bears, would there possibly be expectation for Detroit?

20) Washington Football Team (Prev: 25)

Who’d their cash Washington being the first group to defeat the Pittsburgh Steelers this year? That’s correct — that the Washington Football Team did what no other team in soccer was in a position to perform this year. They knocked off the Pittsburgh Steelers, and not just thatthey did it all in Pittsburgh. With the triumph, they kept pace with the Giants, however they’re in 2nd position in the NFC East by virtue of being spanned by New York. You will find many notable areas of Washington’s success. They trailed by 14, Antonio Gibson abandoned in the first quarter, and also Terry McLaurin was nearly completely ineffective. Next weekthey head to Arizona to confront the 49ers.

19) New York Giants (Prev: 23)

The Giants have won four consecutive games since beginning 1-7, along with their triumph over the Seahawks has been the largest and most shocking of the full season. With no Daniel Jones, Colt McCoy and the crime had the ability to get enough to maintain the Giants from the match, but extraordinary defensive drama sparked this success. They switched Russell Wilson over two and just permitted the Seahawks to evaluate 10 offensive points during the whole game. Up till Week 13, the NFC East had become the laughingstock of the group, but unexpectedly the Giants and Washington are at a true divisional race. When the Giants are still perform as they have within the previous four months, and they even win the branch they will shockingly be an excellent agent to your worst division in football.

18) San Francisco 49ers (Prev: 16)

In their first home match in Arizona, the 49ers weren’t any game for those Bills. Nick Mullens started again, although he managed to maneuver the ball okay against Buffalo’s shield, untimely turnovers along with also the inability to hit on the ball to the end zone price San Francisco dearly. They are still in the search and are only 1 game behind the Vikings along with the Cardinals, but they also missed a significant chance to draw on Monday night.

17) Arizona Cardinals (Prev: 13)

The Cardinals dropped their third consecutive game and have worked their way from a playoff place with only four matches remaining. They had been outgained 463-232 within their loss to the Rams on Sunday, and that’s what’s become anticipated during the past five matches in which Arizona is only 1-4. Arizona currently trails the Rams and Seahawks with two matches in the NFC West, and it appears that their only probability of making the playoffs is by simply holding on one of those Wild Card spots. 

16) Las Vegas Raiders (Prev: 15)

Derek Carr’s miracle touchdown pass to Henry Ruggs III spared the Raiders’ time and prevented them by becoming the first team to reduce the Jets this year. Over the past two months, the Raiders have seemed horrible, and their operation against New York was not what the vegas loyal expected to watch after getting blown off last weekend. The Raiders are still in the search, but should they don’t improve upon their drama in the past two months, then it’s unlikely they’ll be a element at the crowded AFC.

15) New England Patriots (Prev: 18)

Bill Belichick simply knows how to destroy a newcomer’s season. He’s currently 21-5 all time contrary to rookie quarterbacks, along with his most recent win over Justin Herbert was among the very impressive. Even the Patriots demolished the Chargers 45-0, since they return into .500 and kept their playoff hopes alive. Cam Newton threw for only 69 yards in the success, a bit over fifty percent of the 130 which New England hauled for a group.

14) Minnesota Vikings (Prev: 17)

Even the Vikings really practically lost to a different lousy football team, however they could knock the Jaguars in overtime to return into .500 and accept over the seed from the NFC playoff race. The following week, Minnesota will travel to Tampa Bay to take on the Bucs. With a win, the Vikings would really jump to the sixth seed at the seminar. That might be rather impressive for a group that began 1-5.

13) Baltimore Ravens (Prev: 14)

Lamar Jackson was triggered off the COVID-reserve record and will be starting Tuesday night against the Cowboys. The Ravens has to win to keep pace in the AFC. Despite a victory, they will nonetheless be one match behind the Colts and Dolphins to the AFC Wild Card spot.

12) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Prev: 12)

The Bucs were away this week, and they stay the sixth seed from the NFC, because of some reduction from the Cardinals. They’ll return in the bye using a enormous game against the Vikings, who’ve moved in the last playoff spot in the NFC.

11) Seattle Seahawks (Prev: 7)

What happened to the Seattle Seahawks this weekend? ) The crime, which was brilliant, looked horrible from the Giants, and the defense could not receive any huge stops in the second halfof the With the reduction, the Seahawks go into second position in the NFC West, and they look like the group that began the season 5-0.

10) Tennessee Titans (Prev: 6)

If the Titans play poorly, they are abysmal. When you take a close look at their losses this year, they have been getting blown out in some point or another in each one of these. Sunday’s final score appears like a near shootout, but also for anybody who watched the match, you understand the Titans were ruled in each and every aspect against the Browns. The Titans still cause the AFC South, however they will want to perform much better than they did Sunday if they are likely to compete along with different contenders.

9) Miami Dolphins (Prev: 10)

The Dolphins won their seventh game in eight attempts if they conquered the Bengals from 19-7. They are currently 8-4 on the season and maintain the sixth seed from the AFC. On the other hand, the evaluation begins today, as their program starts to pick up. If they are planning to make the playoffs, then they are likely to need to make it. They finish their season with matches against the Chiefs, Patriots, Raiders, as well as acquaintances.

8) Indianapolis Colts (Prev: 9)

The Colts played an extremely clean soccer match on Sunday, along with also the defense recovered a enormous fumble with only minutes remaining, which transferred them into 8-4 on the year along with also a tie atop the AFC South. At present, the Colts are relegated to the last playoff spot in the AFC. Philip Rivers threw for 285 yards and 2 touchdowns in the victory.

7) Los Angeles Rams (Prev: 8)

The Rams have taken over first place in the NFC West by virtue of tiebreakers on the Seahawks. LA had no difficulty focusing on the Cardinals at Arizona on Sunday, plus they seem poised to wrap up a playoff place very soon. Following a devastating operation against the 49ers, Jared Goff threw for 351 yards and one touchdown and did not turn the ball more than once. Again, it appears that the Rams’ victory will only depend on how consistent they are sometimes. Up until today, it’s turned into a severe matter.

6) Cleveland Browns (Prev: 11)

The knock the Browns was they had not beaten anybody great. Seven of the eight wins entering 13 were against teams with losing records. That changed on Sunday, since they set up 41 points over the Titans to maneuver to 9-3 on the year, declaring to the rest of the AFC they’re for real. Even though the final score makes the game appear near, the Browns headed by 31 at halftime, and Tennessee scored twice in the last 2 minutes. Baker Mayfield threw for 334 yards and four touchdowns in the victory.

5) Green Bay Packers (Prev: 5)

Green Bay rattled away their fourth win in five matches as they defeated the Eagles from 30-16. They’re now 9-3 on the season, only 1 game behind the Saints for its 1 seed. Aaron Rodgers threw for 295 yards and 3 touchdowns, both 121 and 2 of which have been to Davante Adams. Aaron Jones added 130 yards on the floor, such as a 77-yard touchdown run to secure the victory.

4) Buffalo Bills (Prev: 4)

Though the Steelers caught caught napping on Monday night, the Patriots took good care of business. Even though they will not have the chance to be the very first to conquer Pittsburgh next week, so they will surely be seeking to ensure it is back-to-back losses to your 11-1 team. Within their victory over the 49ers, Josh Allen was totally amazing. He threw for 375 yards and four touchdowns. The Bills claimed their one-game lead on the Dolphins in the AFC East.

3) New Orleans Saints (Prev: 3)

The Saints have not fought without Drew Brees. They simply wrapped up a playoff berth following their ninth-straight success, and they’re much closer to locking up the NFC South. The shield has tightened in recent weeks, and the crime has played quite nicely with Taysom Hill at midnight. All of it seems very like what occurred last year when Brees missed a timeback when Teddy Bridgewater arrived and played with respectably. The Saints do not have the luxury of slipping upward, but as Green Bay is breathing down their throat to the summit’s number one seed.

two ) Pittsburgh Steelers (Prev: 1)

And like this, the ideal season is finished. Everybody was talking about the next week’s game against Buffalo because a potential slip-up place for the Steelers. Rather, they blew a 14-point guide from a 4-7 team who was with their most effective offensive player for almost the whole game. They still maintain the number one seed from the AFC because of their best conference record, but the pressure is on Pittsburgh since they attempt to hold the Chiefs to the top place in the summit.

1) Kansas City Chiefs (Prev: two )

The Chiefs did not seem great on Sunday night, but they discovered a way to have the success and share exactly the identical album since the Steelers with only four matches remaining. The defense fought against the run, giving up 179 yards, along with the crime settled for five field objectives, but it had been sufficient to win the match and clinch a playoff berth in the procedure. Next up, the Chiefs will choose about the 8-4 Miami Dolphins.

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